Why the website?

You work hard on your fitness. We just want you to get better results from your fitness creations. We’re working to get your fitness discovered and get people motivated. In laymans terms, we want you to break the internet.

How do I get featured on instagram?

Feature requests are extremely complicated:

  1. Follow @checkmyfitness (it helps us grow)
  2. Use the hashtag #checkmyfitness
  3. Be patient (We feature the best photos)

How do I get my picture on the website?

You can now share your videos on checkmyfitness.co by registering and sharing a post.

I tagged @checkmyfitness, so how do I know you’re it might be featured?

All tagged photos receive a like. Periodically we will feature tagged photos in a story on instagram. Please be patient as there are a lot of requests.

I sent you a DM for a feature, why did it take so long for a response?

Interest in features is growing at a rapid pace, it’s much easier to like tags and find hashtags.

Do you have a newsletter?

Yes we do. -> Checkmyfitness