How to win at Instagram

3 things that you can do right now.


Post engagement matters to the Instagram algorithm. That can be likes, comments, shares or views, etc. Also, that can mean how quickly people are engaging with the posts. These are just some quick and easy solutions you can implement right now:

1. Create or join an engagement group

This is a powerful way to get your posts to trend within a hashtag or on the explore page. If you have an engagement group but want additional you can display that here. Don’t have one yet? You can search for one to join.

2. Post when your audience is most active

There are plenty of schedulers that you can use to get your posts out at the optimum time.

3. Carefully select hashtags

Not all hashtags are created equal. Using a hashtag like #fitness (without quick engagement) may be like adding a drop of water to the ocean.

4. Seek out shoutouts or features

The goal is to diversify the accounts you’re seeking in order to see regular growth. We do our best to feature your content, but in order to post you all it would require posting 24hrs a day 7 days a week. Don’t want to wait for a feature? Embed your posts on our website.

Try them all or try a few, the end result is up to you!


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